Getting ready for Boston DevDays

I’ll admit I was nervous going into my first DevDays talk in Hartford a few weeks ago. I just didn’t feel like I “owned” my material yet. Boston DevDays is 2 days away and I am REALLY looking forward to doing my talk. Since Hartford, there has been a plethora of output analysis and further digging into the DevDays content. I have learned a lot and also just had a chance to come to a much better understanding of the many areas that I cover in the Defenses and Countermeasures session. Also given the great volume of information that I am trying to present, I am also feeling more prepared about how to give some real value in the hour that I have rather than fly through the deck.

I will be using my TabletPC to give my presentation this time.

I will also be staying an extra day to talk about the possibilities with custom applications written to leverage the Tablet PC (in Tyngsboro) at this free event held by the folks who bring you

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