Great Topic, Great Speaker and Great Swag at Next VTdotNET Meeting

Our next Vermont.NET meeting is Monday, April 11th. Robert Hurlbut is driving up from New Hampshire to teach us about Test Driven Development, Unit Testing and NUnit. I am really looking forward to this. I also managed to get a few copies of Dr. Neil Roodyn’s Extreme.NET to give away at the meeting. Also, even though it’s not exactly on topic, I can’t help but raffle off copies of James Avery’s new Visual Studio Hacks that arrived a few days back. Darn right I’m keeping a copy for myself. A quick look through left me really impressed. I will write about that later. We also have some swag from the last INETA mailing – Dundas Gauge for .NET.

So this will be a great meeting, very informative and excellent resources and tools to share. Thanks to O’Reilly, Addison Wesley, INETA, Dundas and Robert!!

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