How FAJAX saved my website – goodbye refresh flashing!

I remember Steven Smith sitting right here in my office over in the LazyBoy chair behind me a few winters ago suddenly saying “wow, look at this cool effect” and showed me a website that had pages fade in and out of each other. By the next day ASPAlliance had the same effect!

You see it a lot on sites now. Leon Bambrick wrote a funny post showing how the use of this can eliminate most of the awful page refresh flashes. He called it FAJAX (as in Fake AJAX), since it accomplishes in two lines of html much of what AJAX is aiming for.

I have spent a lot of time fiddling with the new VTdotNET v.2 site’s caching and performance. Not that I expect usage, but it’s my learning playground. But in the end I still had those godawful flashes with the entire screen, even what should look static between pages, blanking out when I went from one page to another.

So I just went over to Leon’s site, googled AJAX and found that post quickly.

After implementing FAJAX, it made a 100% difference!

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