In the thick of the VS2005/SQL Server 2005 launch at DevConnections Fall conf.

I just got an email from Paul Litwin who is the track chair for ASPConnections.  Since DevConnections is being held right when the official launch date of VS & SQL 2005 occur (Nov 7), they are going to be a part of the celebration. If I were home in Vermont, I would not have this opportunity. Microsoft is very involved with the DevConnections show. The first day of the show, since I have been attending and presenting, has always been Microsoft Day. All presentations from Microsoft people. So, they are going to have a live feed of the central event from San Francisco, a big party and the biggest news I think is that all attendees will be getting a free license to Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005. (Version has not been determined yet, but since it’s Vegas, I’m betting that it won’t be Express!)

I’m doing two sessions at ASP.NET Connections and two sessions at Visual Studio Connections.

Here is a link to the conference brochure (pdf).

The C++ is a special show because they will be celebrating the 20th anniversary.


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