Kathleen Dollard on why tracing won’t suck anymore in .NET 2.0

Kathleen says:

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to look at how you’re using tracing today. That’s easy – you aren’t using it. You aren’t using it because even though you can’t articulate what’s wrong (and maybe can’t articulate what tracing is) you’re primordial self still recoils in revulsion at the ugly 1.0 implementation. Let me force you to face the ugliness and remind you what tracing looks like today.

She’s so right. If you looked at the charts from my certification tests they are way to the right for everything except for tracing. It’s a wonder that I even passed the test because my tracing knowledge is so poor. It’s embarrassing.

So since I will be (speaking) at DevConnections, I am going to absolutely attend kathleen’s sessions on this topic where she will drill in to it.

I’m also considering attending Devscovery so I can sit in on many debugging sessions  by John Robbins and of course learn about some ASP.NET internals from Jeff Prosise and some .NET internals from Jeff Richter.


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