Looking forward to Sam Gentile talk on SOA and Indigo tomorrow at VTdotNET

Here is the abstract for the talk Sam is doing tomorrow night at VTdotNET as our first INETA event of 2005.

There have been a lot of arguments in Blogs and elsewhere lately about SOA and two themes seem to emerge from some: SOA is bogus because there is a lot of hype around it and SOA is bogus because it’s nothing new. We will dispose of both of those arguments early in showing that SOA is a real and excellent way to build loosely coupled, distributed systems despite being over hyped beyond belief There are parts that are not new but what is different is clear focus on services as DISTINCT from objects. After looking at what SOA and SO are, we will looking at how to implement services using WSE3 and .NET 2.0 on the Microsoft platform. The culmination of this approach of course is Indigo and now that Indigo is public we will take a deep dive into Indigo. All throughout, we will focus on a practical approach with simple code demos to reinforce the concepts.

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