My Twitter Notes from Scott Guthrie Keynote at DevConnections

Here are my twitter notes from the Scott Gutrhie keynote at DevConnections yesterday morning.

I have just done a quick copy/paste job. Read them from the bottom up!

 VS2010 Generate Class on the fly: RT @bsuzy: @julielermanvt excellent video on that here (via



  • and.. @scottgu is repeating that LINQ to SQL is FULLY SUPPORTED in .NET 4 . Not a new message, but people believe him. Glad when he says it



  •   #devconnections – @scottgu so far showing some of the awesome improvements to the text editing (searching, etc) in VS2010 IDE from TweetDeck

  •   in @scottgu keynote at #devconnections – vs2010 & 4. not a lot of people (who have normal lives) here have installed the beta yet
  • and no onto ASP.NET MVC (@scottgu at #devconnections…..)

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    One thought on “My Twitter Notes from Scott Guthrie Keynote at DevConnections

    1. I think that Tweeter is making bloging something unnecessary. Just look: everything you could say at your blog you could say at Twitter. And I don’t think that this is a good think. On contrary, I feel that in this way we lose something that made our blogging exceptional and unique. We put ourselves into the same hat.

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