Porting a good sized .NET app to .NET 2.0

Fun weekend ahead!

I have an app that is a smart client with a host of  about 20 additional assemblies that contain subclassed forms, classes and Crystal Reports that are dynamically loaded. The entire app uses web services for authentication and data access. The app uses 3rd party controls by Xceed, Infragistics and Janus, plus a few home grown ones by Juval Lowy and Duncan McKenzie (thanks guys). It also, of course, uses WSE 2.0. The application works very nicely however it’s big failing is deployment and I am shooting for Click Once.

My plan of attack is

  • update wse2.0 to wse 3.0 (I will leverage the upgrade tool for some of this)
  • remove some (but not all) of the 3rd party controls and replace with new improved Windows Forms controls
  • replace Juval’s .Net 1.x background worker component with .net 2.0’s (he designed the component to emulate the 2.0 one and for easy update)
  • replace xceed’s http compression tool with the new System.IO.Compression bits

There will be more but I think it will be great to feel what this is like in a real application.

We’ll see how it goes…

Hmmm, where is that “insanity” category?

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