Rich Turner: “Is .NET Remoting dead? No! Nope! Niet! Non! Negative! Nuh-huh! [shake head vigorously]!!!”

Well that quote comes from this post (On the Road to Indigo – is .NET REmoting Dead?) by Microsoft’s Rich Turner and it caught my eye. In it, Rich explains the future of .NET Remoting.

I personally don’t have a lot of (well…any) experience with .NET Remoting. Once I got through the learning curve of web services (since that was what MS was pushing at the beginning of .NET) I got lazy and used web services even in situations where I knew that .NET remoting would have been more efficient.

So when I was at PDC listening to Don Box talking about Indigo and saying that if you want to use indigo, just keep using web services and and forget about remoting. I felt so justified. But according to Rich, I (like many, I am sure) missed the point.

So if you are using .net remoting and concerned about it’s future, go checkout Rich’s post because I am NOT the person to be explaining this to you.

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