Scary Vermont.NET Meeting tonight and a VS2005 Pro license

I’ll be doing a talk entitled “Five Supposedly Scary things about .NET” at Vermont.NET this evening.

The talk covers the following daunting topics on a high level

  1. Declarative Attributes
  2. Reflection
  3. Delegate
  4. Threading
  5. Code Access Security

I’ll be raffling off the last of the launch copies of Visual Studio 2005 PRO and SQL SErver 2005 Standard.

Free pizza courtesy of

After I did this talk at DevConnections last week, an attendee told me that he had been trying to solve some problems with an app and hadn’t looked at any of these technologies becuase they seemed over his head. He was very excited because he realized that he could solve these problems using some of the stuff covered in the talk and was looking forward to learning more and leveraging them. That is exactly why I did the talk. I hope to inspire others as well.

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