Thom Robbins speaking at VTdotNET in May

Well, it almost came to fisticuffs at the Web Services Edge conference when I asked Thom Robbins, who is the New England Developer Evengelist for Microsoft, if he could come to Vermont.NET and give us the wonderful Visual Studio 2005 overview presentation that I was watching Doug Turnure, the Atlanta area D.E., do during one of the workshops.

The battle was because, well, as we all now, Vermont is a really nice place to visit! Especially in May. Doug said “I’ll do it! I’ll do it!” (His wife loves Vermont) But I guess Thom won since Vermont *is* his territory and I haven’t had him speak at the group in a while.

When we started the user group I probably could have filled up 2 years of our schedule just from inviting Russ Fustino (back when he was ours – boo hoo hoo), Joe Stagner and Thom who are always very happy to come to Burlington. It’s too bad that the MSDN events are not coming here any more, but those are expensive to put on, whereas it’s not a big deal for those guys to buzz up here (they don’t mind the drive in their nice cars) and do an overnight or visit clients.

I guess we’ll have to find some other excuse for Doug to come to Vermont.

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