Tonight at Vermont.NET – Securing Web Services with WSE2

Last minute reminder on my talk tonight at Vermont.NET
Web Service Enhancements 2.0 was released in June. It can look very complicated but does not have to be!! Not only is WSE2.0 a valuable tool for securing web services *TODAY* (as well as implementing a number of the other Web Services specifications) but it is the path to Indigo.
This talk will be in two parts tonight. The first part is designed to ensure that we all have a good grasp of the tools of security – what is encryption? what is a digital signature? what is a digital certificate? etc. I’ll also make sure you know what a WS-* Spec is! I found that understanding these things made it possible for me to finally comprehend the articles and books I had been trying to read about WSE. Nobody had ever taken the time to explain these things well enough and I had felt like a bit of a dummy. So I want to explain it to you.
The second part of the talk will walk through the key elements of the WSE2 API, how to secure your web services with them and how to use the WSE Settings  tool to click your way to the most critical pieces of securing your messages across the pipe.
I have done this talk at the Montreal Visual Studio .NET User Group and at ASPConnections, so it is getting pretty well honed.

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