Vermont Healthcare Software company, IDX, sells for $1.2 billion to GE

I suppose it’s great news for Richard Tarrant, who founded this company in Vermont in 1969, as he is making a bid for Senate (though he will likely be running against the ever-popular Bernie Sanders), but the news is causing major worry for many here. IDX employs 800 people in their Burlington headquarters, and another 1600 in offices in other states and in the U.K. It is a big source of pride in Vermont – one of the largest employers and a locally owned company (even though people like to tease Tarrant about his Rolls Royce – very un-Vermonty) – but no longer. And more worriesome is the fact that GE recently purchased Vermont’s Bombardier Capital, for 2.3 billion this summer and then began the process of closing the “Vermont office”.

IDX is definitely a Microsoft shop, too. They are finally shifting some of their VB6 development to .NET.


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