Vermont.NET’s Next Meeting: All the tools we love

The January 8th VTdotNET meeting is shaping up with a LOT of people demoing their favorite tools.

Here’s the roster so far:

VTdotNet’ers show off Developer Tools We Love
Chris DeGuise: ReSharper (20)
Dave Burke: CodeSmith (20) 
Rob Hale: Beyond Compare (10)
Bret Griswold: Code Charge Studio (10)
Julie Lerman: SnagIt, PureText, TimeSnapper & 2 PowerToys(15)
Mike Soulia: XMLSpy (xpath features) (15)
Bob LoCicero: NotePad++, ExamDiff, SyncToy, XmlNotepad & Toad Free Modeller (15)

It’s going to be fast, furious and fun!

Thanks to Altova for steppinig up to sponsor the pizza and soda for the meeting.

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2 thoughts on “Vermont.NET’s Next Meeting: All the tools we love

  1. go Julie! Spreading the good word about TimeSnapper!What a talented bunch of people are in vermont, by the way. Look at those names. Wow.And i heard a saying the other day: "a new project? sounds like the perfect excuse for buyng a new tool"

  2. Hi Julie,TimeSnapper really is an excellent application. If you like it, you might also like Qlockwork (, which gives you an index on your day. One thing I use Qlockwork for is to home in on activities in TimeSnapper more quickly. Full disclosure – I’m a developer on Qlockwork, so I’m bound to like it ;-).I hope VTdotNet goes well!Anne.

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