Vermont Software Developers Association – getting closer

I am on the steering committee for a new group being formed in Vermont, the Vermont Software Developers Association (working title maybe). The steering committee meetings are getting more frequent as we head to our goal of having our first official meeting at the end of September in downtown Burlington. There are statewide and regional software developer associations around the country. This is going to help Vermont businesses who are in teh business of software (consultants, contractors or vertical market software companies), regardless of the technology they use, share their business knowledge and hopefully help the rest of the world with this common problem of being shocked when they here there are software companies in Vermont. Vermont is so well known for its maple syrup, cheese, Ben & Jerry’s and of course our cows. There is a LOT of tech going on here. A lot of very good tech. Just looking at the Microsoft spectrum here, we have had a lot of developer’s and companies on board with .NET since the very beginning and now many are pretty advanced. Anyway, I’m very excited about this. I will be contacting people from different sda’s around the country to see if anyone would be willing to talk with us to give us ideas of what has and hasn’t worked for them. Unfortunately becuase part of most of the SDA’s goals is to promote their area’s business, there is a slight conflict of interest. But hopefully, I can find some folks who will see past that and just grok the good for the software developers as a whole.

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