Vermont still not back on the MSDN Event Schedule

I know our DCC fights for us, but it’s tough not being a top tier market. I just checked the city list for the newest MSDN Events spring tour and Burlington is not there, again. At this point, outside of the VTdotNET user group events, Microsoft doesn’t come to Vermont anymore. There is so much going on in the Boston area because they can easily get 500+ people at events. Burlington draws only 50+ people and sometimes that is really hard to achieve. I know I spend a lot of energy trying to get the word out. They always schedule Albany, NY though I have no clue how that does. But the closest events to us are over 3 hours away. I know from experience that, in this market, it is more likely to get people to a mid-day MSDN event than a weekend anything (eg Code Camp), so that route is not really an option.

I know the MSDN Event tour is also tied into other events – management and ITPro  – and it is not so much becasue we don’t have enough developers at the MSDN Event, but the day as a whole, is probably not very cost effective.

Pretty much a cryin shame.

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