VS2005 November CTP & SQL Server 2005 October CTP

Sahil asks a good question (something I meant to share…thanks for the reminder) about installing the November CTP bits on a machine that already has SQL Server 2005 (Beta 2) on it.

The latest install put SQL 2005 Express on my machine without asking me. I already had SQL 2005 Beta 2 (Oct. CTP) on there. All of my vs.net tests against the SQL Server database continued to function perfectly. However, I cannot open up a connection in the SQL Server Management Studio.It is looking for a method that no longer exists in the Windows.Forms namespace (cool to see that tie to managed code…). Hmm – a few more dialogs I try to open also have similar issues with the

So I’ll probably get the December CTP of SQL Server to see. I’m sure it’s working with something! I clearly missed a piece of information somewhere about that. And I can’t quite answer your question, yet, Sahil. Sorry. 

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