VS2005 Standard (avail as beta2) vs. VS2005 Professional (not avail as beta2)

I blindly downloaded the standard version of VS2005 Beta2 because the only other option was Team System (not for me and also a an extra GB which would have added at least 6 hours). Mike Gunderloy pointed out that this is standard and we don’t have access to Professional as yet, so I went and checked the product version comparison chart for a reminder.

Here are the key differences between Standard and Pro

User Experience=”Streamlined” instead of “Full” – I have no idea what this even means!

Deployment Tools – Standard has “Click Once”, Pro says “Yes” (probably MSI Installation as per current versions)

Extensibility: In Standard you can only consume extensions, but not build them

Reporting: Standard has Crystal. Pro also has SQL Reporting Svs

Debugging: Standard does NOT have remoteo debugging

SQL Server: Standard does not have the explorer for SQL Server and there is no SQL Server 2005 integration

Included with intstall: Pro has SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition and Windows 2003 Server Developer Edition included. Standard does not.



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