Want to Sponsor a Vermont.NET meeting?

What does it mean to Sponsor a Vermont.NET meeting?

What you do: Pay for the pizza and soda

What you get:

  • Get your company logo on the homepage of our website (www.vtdotnet.org) during the time of promoting the meeting (and afterwards sometimes if I don’t update for the next meeting right away)
  • Get your company  logo and thanks to you in all emails that go out to our lists that are geared towards promoting the meetings. We have a member list of 200 members, as well as a meeting announcement list that is those 200 + 100 more. That’s 300 people who have explicitly asked to receive these emails!
  • Get your logo on our THANK YOU slide that is in the powerpoint deck that plays during the meeting “warm up” and that I review at the beginning of my meeting. More info on this…
  • If you would like, we can have literature about your products available to attendees.
  • Our undying gratitude.

Take a look at the upcoming meeting schedule. Where there is not an INETA Sponsored event (note the logo below the speaker’s name), we can use a pizza/soda sponsor. Our meetings can have anywhere from 20 – 40 attendees though we have had 50 on a few occasions, so the cost of sponsorship varies.

I can’t believe it took me three years to think of blogging for pizza for my user group!! 🙂


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