Where to find DevDays demos

I had an email from a Boston attendee who was trying to figure out where the demos could be found on the dvd. I looked myself and realized that although the OpenHack and IssueVision source code were on the cd, the actual little demos during the earlier sessions were not. I told him I would keep looking and pointed him in the meantime to DevDaysBloggers.com. Then he discovered through those blogs that the demos were available on the MyDevDays website.

Remember that ALL of the good practices code is wrapped into the applications. The demos can let you compare good/bad, before/after. I think that this is sometimes a useful way to really understand how things work and why you want to do things in a certain way.

If you were an attendee, you can log into the www.MyDevDays2004.com website. I had to dig around a little bit but here is where you can find the demos:

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