How I can measure the great value of INETA

When Bill Evjen first dreamt up INETA, the problem he was trying to solve was how to enable small user groups to have world-class speakers present to them. This is what we now know as the INETA Speaker Bureau.

Rocky Lhotka spoke at at the October Vermont.NET meeting as an INETA speaker. Rocky lives in Minnessota. There is no way we could have had him at our group otherwise. I recieved this email from a user group member today and with her permission am sharing it here:

Hi Julie,
  I wanted to thank you for arranging to have Rocky speak at the last meeting. 
  Your timing is perfect! 
  I know, it was the foliage, right?
  Anyway, [my project partner] bought his book, and I have it on order.  It looks like we will use his framework for our business objects.
  Also, the databinding column he referred me to (in “Adventures in VB.NET”) contained the solution to a problem that had me stumped for days.   
  I know you work hard on promoting the user group and getting speakers to come visit. Just wanted you to know how much of a positive effect it can have!

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