How Vermont Code Camp is using EventBrite for Abstract Submission

The Vermont.NET User Group has been using for monthly meeting registration for the past year. It makes things so easy so that we can know how much pizza to order and also we print out tickets to use for the swag raffle at the end of the meeting.

But for the upcoming Vermont Code Camp (Sept 11, 2010) we also needed to collect abstracts.

After poking around the EventBrite site, I discovered that you can create customized questions in addition to the typical name & address collection. And then I saw that you can tie those questions to a particular ticket.

So I created an attendee ticket and a Speaker Session proposal ticket:



Then in the event management page, there is a link to “Collect Customer Information”


The customization form is very clever. I can have questions with answers that are short or long text boxes, option buttons, checkboxes or drop downs and I can define how many choices and what the choices are for those various options. You can add a number of questions. I don’t know what the limit is. I only had 4.


There was a place that allowed me to specify which ticket to tie the form to.

Now when someone registers for that second ticket type, they get this form to fill out:


Regular attendees see this registration form:


So now we can collect the abstracts and use EventBrite’s management tools to manage those abstracts, including exporting the data for additional tasks as we get closer to the event.

Thanks EventBrite!

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