Leaving the INETA NORAM Board

At the INETA NORAM User Group Leader Summit on June 5, a new board was announced. I am no longer on the INETA NORAM board. The original board members and founders of INETA (Bill Evjen, Brian Loesgen, Keith Franklin, Keith Pleas) as well as myself (I was not a founding board member) are now on the Advisory Board for INETA NORAM. It was actually the old board that voted in the new board.

I am also [finally] passing on the production of the monthly INETA Newsletter that I have been doing for the past three years. The first two years, I did this on my own and then I finally I had Sheri Nawrocki’s phenomenal help (she did the design, artwork and physical production, which is why it has been looking so beautiful) as well as some great editing assistance from Scott Swigart 

If I had kids, I might liken this to watching your kids go off to college. 

INETA has come a long (enormously long) way and accomplished incredible things in the past 3 years. It has gotten to a point where it has outgrown its grassroots roots (sic) and needs to be run like a professional organization. That’s just not somewhere that I shine (reports? concalls? plans? agendas? minutes? phew!), but it is a perfect role for the new President, Chris Pels (who is one of the most organized people I know) and the rest of the nine member board.

Watch the INETA website for further information about the changes to INETA. I am not leaving INETA (it would take a total blood transfusion as well as a heart replacement to do that!). I am still a liaison and my role on the Advisory board will keep me involved with what is going on.

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