The INETA Volunteers

Many of the people who volunteer for INETA have been doing it for a long time. As INETA grows, we are fortunate that our volunteer base grows.

For those of us who have been at it for a while, it has really become a part of our life. Many of the INETA volunteers spend time almost every day, sometimes hours, doing things related to INETA. Sometimes that is connecting with user group leaders (there are over 500 groups now) and helping them out with questions or problems. Other times it is helping to be sure that these leaders are well aware of great opportunities that are available to them and their members — whether it’s a booth to promote their group at DevDays (thanks to MSDN), the ability to drive the focus of a .NET Magazine publication through the INETA Choice program, or even have the Visual Basic or C# Team come right to their group to do a presentation.

The revision of the INETA website is a major undertaking that is being led by Devin Rader and his team is doing the work of a full time job during their own personal time as volunteers.

Whether it is someone coordinating flights and hotels for a speaker going to a user group, or a user group liaison giving a user group leader some advice on running their group, an academic committee member helping a student group find judges for their Imagine Cup events, it amazes me the amount of passion that everyone who is volunteering for INETA brings to the table. It amazes me every day.

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