New Jobs at one of my favorite Vermont software companies

Synergy Software is looking for 2 or 3 EXPERIENCED developers. That experience needs to be in multi-tier development, VB6, SQL Server, Crystal Reports. These are not junior level training positions. They need folks who can come in and roll up their sleeves and start working.

This is a SOLID company with a SOLID product with a great social mission, to boot.

I worked with Synergy for 6 months when I first moved to Vermont. It is a small company and you get to work with some wonderful, fun and f’in SMART people.

Their products are based around tools written for social services agencies. Their software gets deployed statewide once a state chooses to go with them. They work very closely and maintain phenomenal relationships with their clients. The products are very high quality and there is so much heart that goes into what they are doing.

This is a really FUN group of geeks. It is where I got my daily dose of South Park and learned all about Napster! For some reason (ahem, Dave?) their website does not have the jobs listed, but they did email me this morning about these jobs. So to find out more, email Dave Dapkiewicz (sounds like dap-ko-witz) and make the subject: “Jobs – Julie Sent Me!“

They are hoping to get local people, but if you want to BE a local (live in vermont, ski, hike, bike, paddle), it could be worth the move (no they won’t move you). But they want someone who isn’t going to just use the job as a quick stepping stone. That doesn’t help the products or the clients. If you like a company that thinks this way, these are the folks for you.

(note to Camey. Sorry. I know you can’t move east. I swear I am *not* trying to torture you… 🙂 )

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