Vermont IT Jobs: ASP.NET Developer in Colchester

.NET  Job Description: 



Work in a team environment in the development of web portal and ASP.NET
applications for major client projects.

Strong foundation in the concepts of web based application development
Experience with ASP.NET (C# or VB.NET) using the Visual Studio development
environment; SQL server 2000/2005; (X)HTML and XML
Strong understanding of the SDLC
Client side development in JavaScript; and a comfort with Object Oriented
development methods
Creative, self starter
Passion/ability to learn/Flexible
Team and solutions oriented
Bachelor’s degree in a related field (computer science, MIS, electrical engineering)
Demonstrated experience and understanding of multi-channel distribution business
Professional services experience
B2C e-commerce experience
Technical certifications and training


Paul Mewis BSc (Hons)
Senior Recruiter, S.Com
Suite 2525, One Post Street

San Francisco

CA 94104

Tel: 415 627 1892

Fax: 415 989 0450

Email: [email protected]

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