VTdotNET finally attracting IDX developers – and two MORE .NET jobs in Burlington

first: .NET JOBS at IDX
Searching on the careers section of the website if you filter on Vermont and use keyword “.Net” there are two jobs there.

This is in addition to the two that I wrote about yesterday and four I wrote about a few days ago.


IDX is a large company in Burlington and has a LOT of developers using Microsoft development tools – VB, C+. In the 2+ years that Vermont.NET has been around, we have had no IDX developers (save one C++ guy occasionally) at our meetings. The message I was getting when inquiring about this was a) they were not doing .NET yet and b) they were 9-5’ers.

I have been know to terrorize (not really) random strangers at parties when they tell me they are a VB developer working at IDX. “Why aren’t you people coming to our meetings???!“ I ask them.

I have heard that this year they were going to start to really get the developers there geared up for .NET with lots of in-house training.

Finally, two developers from IDX came to our meeting on Monday night. They were very happy with what they saw and said they would definitely be telling more people at IDX about the group. I was so happy to hear this. It has always seemed as though in the their minds, the user group added no value to what that company was doing and was very frustrating to me. I try so hard to let them know that we have some of the most well-known people in the industry speaking at almost every meeting. I have been trying to get the local business community to have an awareness of this group, which is so wonderful and making a big difference for many of us developers in the area. So maybe I am finally making some headway.

I really believe that our user group is an enormous resource in our business community but I just don’t know how to get the word out locally.  People all over the world know about Vermont.NET, but not very many in our own back yard. I see ads for .NET develpers in the local paper and wonder why nobody told me about them so I can share them with the .NET developers in the .NET user group. Oh well. Am I ranting? Sorry. Just venting and wondering wondering wondering…

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