A funny encounter at the MVP Summit

On Tuesday morning as I was hanging out with a bunch of Scotts in the W Hotel Lobby, and me looking like a good ol’ geek, no – make that hippy geek, in came some of those typical “W-crowd“ stylish, all dressed in black, beautiful people. As they came up the stairs to where we were I looked and realized that one of them was a man I had worked very closely with for a year in the late 80’s. He was a “stylish beautiful people“ back then, too. I was a little closer to that at the time than I am now. But we hadn’t seen each other in 12 or 13 or more years. It was so fun to have our little “oh my god!” reunion in the lobby.

We had worked together at a big ad agency in NY (in the same building that Microsoft is in now) and he now works for another huge ad agency and runs the world of interactive advertising for them globally. Coincidentally they were there for a meeting with Microsoft to talk about some advertising accounts. It’s actually a big deal but I don’t know if it’s all public or not.

The funniest part was that I thought he looked exactly the same as 13 years ago and later that evening, one of the women on his team told me that he had said the same of me. Sorry, try to rid that ego boost out of my little head!! 🙂

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