A Java Dev’s view of INETA, TechEd and the .NET Community

N. Alex Rupp was one of the many user group leaders invited to the INETA User Group Leader Summit on May 23rd. However, Alex is not a .NET User Group Leader but a Java developer who is very involved in the Java community. His weblog posts from the summit as well as his reaction to what he saw at TechEd are fascinating. I must admit, since I don’t know very much at all about the inner workings of EJB and all of the java techs, I did glaze over some of the deeper technical parts of the posts. But on a high level, comparing the communities, the tools and even the leaders (Ballmer’s keynote vs. McNealy’s at JavaOne) are very insightful.

Here are his posts from Day1, Day2, Day 3 and Day4. Thanks to Chris Pels for pointing out these posts.

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