Access mdbs, emails and Windows XP security

Yesterday I had to make some updates to a friend/client’s Access 2003 application. We had some problems with me emailing her updates that were daunting to her and one that was definitely mystifying to me! I do know that you can’t just email MDB files, but these problems were different than that.

The daunting (to her) problem, I was able to solve thanks to this recent discovery. I had zipped one of the MDB files and she needed to unblock the zip file and then unblock the MDB file.

The other problem, I couldn’t solve until she sent me her file. For a second solution, I sent her a small MDB file that contained only a handful of objects for her to import into her MDB file. Rather than zipping, I just renamed the file to whateverfile.mdb.myname and emailed it. She removed “.myname” from the file and imported the objects into her other file. But she got some wierd results when running the macro, which opens four queries then a report. As I couldn’t understand her explanation, I had her send me the file. What I discovered was that all of the relationships between tables that were defined in the queries had been stripped out! I don’t know whta process did this. I had no problem at all doing the import locally and then returning the full file to her. Very odd.

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