All ASP.NET, all the time (these days)

I’ve been spending a lot of time with ASP.NET 2.0 lately whereas I had been focused mostly on ADO.NET and Windows Forms for quite a while.

Currently I am working on some articles for aspnetPRO magazine as well as preparing a number of sessions (totaly different topics than the articles) for the Fall 2006 ASPConnections (and two for Visual Studio connections). On the flip side, I have a ClickOnce article waiting inthe wings for CoDe Magazine – it’s been written, just not edited yet.

This also means I have gotten temporarily distracted from the likes of Linq, WCF and more. All in good time, I suppose…

The best part is that it has stopped raining and I have been gardening and kayaking again.

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One thought on “All ASP.NET, all the time (these days)

  1. Hi Julia,I recently read your article in regarding the SqlDependency class. I’ve been using this in a window forms application, only for testing purposes. I’ve gotten it working just fine in that application however now I need to move it to a web app for easy access by all. My question is can I cause a Page Refresh from the OnDepChange Sub? I know that I can look at the info in the event but is there any way to force a page refresh at that point so the data updates?I greatly appreciate your time!Thanks,Joseph Farrar

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