Also at Windows Anywhere- a panel of Tablet Application developer/vendors!

In addition to my In Depth Tablet Web Applications presentation at Windows Anywhere in (2/6-10 in San Francisco) I just found out that I get to be on a panel with a bunch of Tablet developers and vendors (who are also developers).

Influencing Tablet PC Solutions–Tablet PC ISV, Wednesday, February 9, 2:00 pm to 3:00pm

Here are the other members of the panel session, all of whom have done some major tablet pc development and have real products on the market. I’ll be the dabbler (or is that doodler) on the panel, that is for sure!

Joerg Lenz, SOFTPRO
Sean Campbell, 3Leaf 
Steve Hoffman, ActiveInk Software 
Josh Einstein, Einstein Technologies 
Teresa Shu, xThink 
Brad Baldwin, Agilix

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