An International Bar Room Brawl of Ideas at DevTeach

Panel on Open Source in the Microsoft Community at DevTeach

This year the bonus session (Wednesday May 16 at 18:00) will be a panel of speakers debating the Open Source in the Microsoft Community. This panel discussion takes a look at open source in the Microsoft community from technical, cultural, and business perspectives in a frank discussion with recognizable contributors to and users of open source software for Microsoft platforms. Panelists are: Alan Griver, Oren Eini, Jeremy Miller, Roy Osherove and François Beauregard.

The best part is that Ted Neward will be moderating the panel. There is nothing moderate about Ted Neward though. He will fan the flames for sure. This will be fun.

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One thought on “An International Bar Room Brawl of Ideas at DevTeach

  1. We started early :)

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