Are there that many people downloading from MSDN today?

This is my current internet speed:

yet while trying to install the June CTP of VWD Express on a Virtual PC (that has WIndows XP on it and needs .NET 3.5 as part of the install) my 3.38Mbps dowload speed is a bit slower – avg 3KB to 7KB (if I have all of my 0’s in place, I think this is 500 to 1000 times slower). At 3.38Mbps, the 426MB file should take about 20 minutes. This is more like 20 days. Uggh.

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3 thoughts on “Are there that many people downloading from MSDN today?

  1. I downloaded it this morning (about 9:00 AM PDT) at full speed for my DSL connection (3 mbps).However, I ran into a big problem running side by side with VS 2008 Beta 1. See my post in the ADO.NET vNext forum.–rj

  2. I saw that (your post … with no reply still darn). I let it install while I went to the vet with the dog.

  3. 7KB/sec? Damnzor. That’s dialup speed there… I’m in the sticks too (population of my town is 8K and I’m 60miles from any interstate/city)… but I still pull down about 700k/sec some days (but at least 300-400K normally).

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