Arriving in South Africa

(This was written on Sunday) After a long bumpy night we have finally arrived at Sun City. Kate is a good airplane sleeper. I woke up at 4 and couldn’t get back to sleep then did then was startled by some big turbulence at 6. Kate slept through it all! Both of our flights on Lufthansa coming to South Africa were on Business Class – which was unexpected and very nice of the organizers. I have never flown business class before. It was very nice, including being able to go in the lounges at the airport.

Unfortunately, Kate’s luggage didn’t make it to Johannesburg but should be here tomorrow. The drive from “Joburg” to here was beautiful. Some of it reminded me of New Mexico – the red sandy hills, the scrub but other than that it is just unique. Some reality checks were noticing the very very think cattle grazing on whatever they can find. They are free range – like wandering in the highway free range! We also drove by a number of compounds with a variety of small metal and other types of shacks. This is where people live. I have never seen that before. I had a very bad position for taking photographs but the image will remain.

I am now in the speaker lounge and it’s fun to meet a whole new crew of people.

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