ASPConnections Spring 2005 in Orlando!

Yippee!! I’m hoping to hear about one more that would be part of VSConnections, not ASPConnections.

The best part is I will get three hours to do my WSE talk which is a combination of a thorough explanation of the security tools (signing, encryption, etc) which are what WS-Security depends on completely and then a look at the API (the security part), how to code up the basics (real life stuff including a authorizing against a sql database), what policies are and what they look like and how to get at some of them via the Settings Tool. I love love love this talk and getting people off the ground with WSE.

The ADO.NET 2.0 talk is going to be fun for me since I have an article on this topic coming out in MSDN Magazine sometime soon and I had a blast digging through this stuff because I am a database developer first and foremost. Pablo Castro was an amazing resource for me.

The BCL talk is going to keep evolving as new bits come out and it’s fun to do and to make sure people see some of the really useful stuff in the framework that aren’t really getting a lot of heralding.

Congratulations. You’ve been accepted to speak at the Spring 2005 Microsoft ASP.NET Connections in Orlando, March 20-23.

ADX252: What’s New in ADO.NET 2.0
ADO is here to stay and Microsoft just keeps making it better. ADO.NET has been fine tuned to increase ease of coding, flexibility and performance as well as adding better integration with SQL Server. From the provider independent data access to asynchronous SQL Commands to batch processing to the beauty of the DataTable class now implementing iXMLSerializable, this session will run through the many wonderful enhancements that make ADO.NET 2.0 Evolutionary not Revolutionary.

AGN252: ASP.NET Beyond the System.Web Namespace
A lot of emphasis has been placed on the IDE features of ASP.NET 2.0. This session will take you deeper into the many new things available in the fundamental class libraries that you can use in Whidbey to write more powerful Web applications with ease.

APR301: Web Services Security for Dummies with WSE2 (Half-Day Precon)
If you believe that you shouldn’t have to read a 20-page white paper four times in order to secure your Web services, then the new version of Web Service Enhancements has been designed with you in mind. Although WSE2 has a lot of new tools for plumbers, it is possible to do a lot of very cool and necessary stuff without having to comprehend and code all of the nasty details. This session is designed to explain the key parts of WSE that can and should be part of the basic functionality of any Web service dependent application that you are writing in your corporate environment. The talk will focus on the basics rather than fly through them.

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