At Microsoft talking about MIX08 (and a special guest!)

I was invited by the DPE team (Developer Platform Evanglism) along with 9 other people to attend the Mix n Mash 08 event where the MIX team is picking our brains while they formulate Mix08. Right now we are talking wiht Scott Guthrie about where Microsoft is headed with development tools.

Here is the list of people who are attending:

Kip Kniskern –

Molly Holzschlag –

Jesse Warden –

Jonathan Snook –

Keith Peters –

Kelly Goto –

Erik Natzke –

Julie Lerman –

Rob Howard –

At the end of the day, we get to spend an hour with Bill Gates. I’m definitely excited about this. My husband has ben making a list of everything worng with his computer and his user experience for the past two months with the hope that I will present it to Bill. But, that’s not going to happen.

Last year, attendees came clean with the admission that they had been given the gift of a Zune for attending. This year, as a joking nod to that, we got cookies that were decorated to look like a Zune. Photo later.

Discussions right now are focused on Microsoft in the mobile space. I also asked about the whole firehose problem – of SOOOO many technologies coming at us. The only way to deal with it of course is to ignore most of it and focus on what you are best at – but man that’s is ONE hard bit of guidance to follow.

With my own focus on data access right now, it means that I’ll be able to get you data but might not be able to help you get it on your form.

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