Back from DevTeach Montreal – what a blast

DevTeach was once again (and as expected) a wonderful conference. I had a great time hanging out with everyone and this time also got to see a little more of Montreal since my hubby was there for Saturday and Sunday. Marcie ended up hopping a train from Toronto early Monday morning and “crashing” the conference. With Rich back in Vermont, I was able to offer her the other half of my king-sized bed. She definitely had some fans in Montreal.

I really enjoyed doing my sessions. There was definitely a limited “market share” for Whidbey and Tablet SDK but it made the sessions that much more fun to have a small audience of about 10-15 people where I was able to adjust the talk to meet their needs. My tablet talk was preceded with a BSOD as I pressed the Fn & F5 key to push my screen to the projector. Luckily all was well by the time I was supposed to begin and my RC2 bits held up perfectly fine with VS2003 and even asn ASP.NET application.

So far my evals are great (all three of them …heh). But regardless of those, I know that in both sessions – especially the Tablet session – the attendees were really excited to be able to see some of this stuff live and have someone they could ask questions of.

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