Can’t hurt a girl to try…

Dear Julia,

Thank you for submitting a number of sessions for TechEd 2005 Europe. As you are aware, the number of session submissions we received this year was enormous and the quality of the sessions was on a very high level.

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to allocate any slots for the sessions you submitted, due to the large number of submissions and the limited session slots we have available for 3rd party sessions.

We hope that we can work together on one of our future events.

Kind regards,

TechEd 2005 Europe Content Team


ahh well, can’t blame a girl for trying. And I guess it’s better then “DECLINED DAMMIT, DECLINED!” 😉

Australia & NZ wouldn’t even let me submit unless I would cover my own T&E. Well, I guess I could just keep going down the list…

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