Code Camp III Submissions

I submitted some abstracts for Code Camp III. All of the Code Camp submissions are being displayed here on Thom Robbin’s site. You can submit abstracts up until the end of January and then Thom, myself, Chris Pels and a few others will start building a schedule. Since Rod Paddock is beginning his little North American User Group Tour at Vermont.NET on the Monday following Code Camp (March 14th), he has also put some sessions in for Code Camp. So now his tour will be extended even more. We should start tracking his tour on MapPoint – Waltham MA, Burlington VT, Montreal QC and then Toronto ON are on the list so far!!

I was happy to see a submission by my pal Dave Burke!! He has been doing some amazing things with customing .Text for his own blog site, so his session is to share some of the things he has learned about custominzing .Text.

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