Computer Assoc EZ Firewall drives me batty

I have CA EZ Antivirus on my computer. It decided to install the firewall. I don’t want it and am happy with WinXP’s firewall. It’s on my demo machine so I don’t have to deal with it often but it’s stupid. It says “do you want IIS to run” and I select “remember this setting” and click “Allow” which is dim, but still active (doh) and next time I turn on my computer it asks me all of those questions again for a series of apps. SQL Server, svchost and more. The big problem with this is I get sick of it and say “yes yes yes” without looking. I turn it off and turn on Windows Firewall, but when I restart the computer it’s there again. Next step is to just uninstall it. My recommendation is to avoid this program. (Sorry CA) 

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