Confession – I’m still running vs2005 on a separate box

I know I know. I have told many people that you can run vs2003 and vs2005 side by side. But I have this honker application to port and I don’t want to do it on the same machine where I need to be able to get at it (in vs2003) in emergencies. Plus I wanted everything super clean. The solution has many many assemblies and references a lot of 3rd party tools. Plus I had to move everything from WSE 2.0 to WSE 3.0. Too much for side by side if you ask me. Some of those 3rd party tools will be getting upgraded, like Janusys (finally moving to 2.0) and others.

So for the time being, I have taken my beautiful dual monitor setup and dedicated one screen to my other computer (until I find a solution as sweet as my VGA KVM cables that will work on DVI and isn’t a $200 switchbox). I’m still feeling the dual monitor vibe though. I’m coding on one screen and emailing, etc. on the other.

I could do this as VPC, but I had a whole computer just sitting there…begging for new bits!

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