Coughing and Microphones

Yesterday I did a fun session at the Vermont 3.0 event titled: “Software Developer: Career or Addiction?”.

I’ve had a bad chest cold for 2 weeks and yesterday was actually better day for me than these past weeks.

I took all I could to prevent coughing.

The talks were all being recorded by the local public access channel.

Apparently, according to DanZ (who was standing near the area where the video feed was being monitoried) what coughing I did do (and I don’t recall caughing UP anything, as gross as he makes it sound – eeeew) sounded seriously nasty over the mic. I’m definitely not looking forward to hearing that.

Throughout the day, every time I met someone who wanted to shake hands I had to tell them “oh, no, you do NOT want to touch me”. I even passed up shaking hands with Sen. Bernie Sanders. I didn’t want to be responsible for passing this cruddy cold onto him! (or anyone)

And Dan, thanks for not stealing my car! 😉

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