Crypto at DevTeach

I did one of my favorite sessions yesterday, the one with the evolving name. Yesterday I thought maybe it’s best called “Security Basics for WSE, Indigo and Beyond”. I love this talk and have done it a number of times and feel it is my calling. There is NO code in the talk at all. I explain with my own words and from my own (hard earned) understanding, security tools and methods such as credentials, keys, digital certificates, hashing, encryption and digital signing. The purpose of doing this talk is to explain this stuff to people like me because it is an important foundation for working with security but is generally glazed over with the assumption that everyone already understands it. The payload on this talk is when attendees then go to other sessions, such as Christoph Schittko’s WSE3 talk this morning, Ted Neward’s [rockin’ – and I will write about this later] keynote on Indigo last night and further sessions on Indigo today by Ted and Steve Swartz (Indigo Architect at Microsoft). I got to gloat for a moment this morning while my average scores are still 10 (only three people did evals so far and they happened to be ones that loved the session – as more people do evals, of course, this can’t possibly stick). Today I am doing a brand new talk and though it’s a topic I have been very keen on for a while, Visual Debugger and other customized debugging features in VS2005, I can’t expect to hit it with all 10’s the first time out the gate.

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