distribution of msdn subscription dvds

I have been noticing the ads for Disc Stakka in MSDN Magazine and it got me thinking. Disc Stakka is  something like a jukebox that you can put 100 dvds in and somehow it’s got some built in knowledge of MSDN Subscriptions. It’s pretty big – for all of those discs.

Wouldn’t it be cool if they could make read only thumb drives (when they get cheap enough) to distribute MSDN subscriptions on? I don’t mean the magazine, I mean all of the software in a subscription. The thumbdrives are getting up to 2 GB now. Eventually they will become consumables like DVDs are now —  a lot cheaper and maybe more cost effective than producing and shipping the dvd’s every month.

Of course, I am not a hardware geek, so this could already exist and I wouldn’t even know it. 


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