Doing a WSE2 jig of happiness

okay- I seem to have picked up this “jig” thing from Ted Neward, but I just noticed something – that is MUCH more obvious when working with code you know well, rather than fiddling little samples.

With WSE1.0, you have to modify your client’s proxy to the web service so that it inherits from Microsoft.Web.Services.WebServicesClientProtocol instead of the default System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHttpClientProtocol. Every time you update the web reference, you have to remember to go back into the proxy and make that change. I have gotten into the habit, but really it’s just one more thing I need to remember, cluttering up my brain.

I have just modified the client component that has been working with WSE1 to use WSE2. When I updated the web reference in that project, the inherited class was automatically changed to Microsoft.Web.Services2.WebServicesClientProtocol.

This makes me very happy. I can free up that little space in my brain now for more important things! And it is one less barrier to getting regular programmers to use this stuff. Thanks WSE folks!

(I should point out that you get TWO proxy classes and this happens to the WSE2 version…)

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