Edge 2004 East wrapup

just time for a couple of quick notes on Edge 2004 East

I finally got to meet Dave Seidel in person – we have a bit of a funny history so it was fun to meet up.

Carl Franklin, Pat Hynds, Ted Neward and Michael Steiffel all came to my presentation. I decided not to be daunted and was extremely fortunate to ahve some great feedback from these very experienced speakers after the fact.

After I did my talk, I found an email from Kit George with all kinds of great pointers to improve my deck! I’ll implement them anyway <g> Thanks Kit.

I got a pre-press copy of Paul Vick’s new VB book for Addison-Wesley. Thanks Curt! And met another one of my email pals from A-W…Heather Mullane.

I was interviewed by Jeremy for sys-con radio to replace my (so bad I have never listened to it) interview they did at PDC. Only got asked one ringer question, the interview was fun.

I almost died of a heart attack as a back seat passenger of Pat Hynds car driving around Boston. I’m sure he and TEd are still laughing their asses off at me.

Thanks Derek for taking us to “Cheers” for dinner. After being surrounded by so many Java people for the days there, it was great to be with many of my .NET pals!

I attended Pat’s ASP.NET Security talk. Can’t hear these things too many times (especially in prep for next weeks devdays talk.)

Had a total blast with Ted Neward – he and another pal of his from TSS and I went to the OLDEST restaurant in America  – the union street chowder house.

Gotta run… Hopefully I’ll get to come back and link.

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