GirlsGoTech.Org … Girl Scouts promote tech for young girls

Thanks to Corey Gouker for not only blogging about this, but emailing me to make sure I hadn’t missed it!

The Girl Scouts have a website called and a t.v. ad campaign to go with it. They are trying to encourage young girls who are interested in tech to stay with it.

Forget Seventeen Mag , hooray girlscouts. There’s even an area to read about careers.

There is definitely a part of me that thinks – hey, let 12 year olds play – don’t push careers at them at this young age. But what’s the difference between the way we used to look at what it was like to be an astronaut or whatever when we were growing up?

Now they also need to educate adults abouto this too. I have heard a lot of stories about adults discouraging young girls’ interests in tech.

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