Google Toolbar enhancements

I just noticed a few new things that Google is giving me with the google toolbar.  Not sure how long they have been around. Perhaps it just popped up because someone suggested I look at my page ranking and when you do that, the control becomes more interactive with Google. Though I think I had the page ranking collector turned on since day 0 (by default), even though I never exposed it on the toolbar.

Anyway, Spell Checking! It will spell check anything  you type on a web page. I’ve tried it out, though not pushed the envelope with it, and found it to be pretty cool. That will be great for writing comments on people’s blogs or if you blog directly online.

Another thing I noticed only yesterday was that when I was highlighting a word in a web page and right click for the context menu, Google Search is an option on the menu. That is really handy to.

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