Heads down in Sharepoint means light blogging

You *know* I’m focused on something when I’m not blogging a lot. Though I’m not making any great new discoveries that would be revelations – just learning stuff that lots of people know.

I spent most of yesterday struggling with Sharepoint and getting frustrated with the limitations of the WSS U.I. even with a lot of customization.

I hit up the three sharepoint gurus that I know (Dave Burke, Eli Robillard and Amanda Murphy) who basically all encouraged me in believing that I could just write my own front end with sharepoint driving the backend.

Dave is the best for this because he hates Sharepoint but has written a lot of major stuff with it. That, to me, is an advantage, because he has found his way around it pretty darn well. He gave me lots of pointers. I have a lot to learn in a short period of time. We’ll see how it goes. 🙂

There are a lot of great sharepoint resources out there, but I’m really lucky to have a few I can lean on when I have spent too much time researching or trying to figure out one little thing.

At least Dave has been blogging up a storm, so I’m happy someone’s keeping the geek blog level up high in Vermont!

I definitely will have to write about the problems I have had (still unsolved, but found a workaround) with installing WSS on my webserver!


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